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Terms and Conditions of a website

Terms and Conditions (T&C) policy is an agreement governing the relationship between a website owner and the user. It lays down the terms of use that the users must agree to follow in order to use the website.

Parties involved:

  • Website owner

    The “legal owner or registrant” of the website and domain name. It could be an individual or an organization.

  • User

    Anyone who uses, visits, enjoys, or engages in any capacity with the website.

Essentials of a Terms and Conditions policy

Service description

It should clearly mention the services being offered to the users on the website, for which the users are to follow the terms laid down in the policy.


It should include an express disclaimer that the website owner is not responsible for any liability or damages of any kind arising out of use, reference to, or reliance on any information contained in the website.

Limited liability and Warranties

It should limit website owner’s liability from various legal risks including but not limited to liability due to a third party. The users consume the services and content at their own risk. You make no representations about the reliability, quality, etc. of any third-party content.

Restricted use and termination

Laying down the users’ rights, responsibilities, and duties for using the website. You have the right to terminate their accounts and bar access in the event of a breach of the terms and conditions.


It should leave scope for making changes and modifications as and when needed.


It should include an option for a clear acceptance by the users. This could be done by conveying that the user can proceed to the website only after accepting the terms of this policy. 


Why do you need a Terms and Conditions policy

  • Rules of usage
    It helps inform the users what’s acceptable and unacceptable while using your website.
  • Ownership of content
    It helps establish the ownership of various content on your website. You can retain rights and ownership of your original content. If you have an interactive website then this will help the users retain ownership over their self-generated content.
  • Safe space

    By imposing restrictions on using foul language or obscene content, you can ensure a clean, safe and healthy website.

  • Protection from legal liability
    A T&C policy will protect you from all legal liability in case users don’t follow the terms leading to infringement of other users’ rights or any other legal complexities.

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Are you one of these?

  • A website owner
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Then you definitely need a Terms and Conditions policy