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Suicide threat from Wife / Girlfriend

Did your wife or girlfriend ever threaten to commit suicide? What to do in situations where a man is threatened by his wife or girlfriend or live-in partner of committing suicide?

Many girlfriends or wives are physically, emotionally, financially and socially abusive to men. Many other girlfriends and wives place unreasonable demands on men such as asking men to discontinue relationships with their family and friends. Threatening to harm one can be a way of frightening you into compliance. According to various case examinations, all girls who threaten their husband or boyfriend of suicide never commit it.

If she commits suicide after leaving a note you will in great trouble. What happened is happened, running away from it is not the solution. Know what your preference is and take a decision, in case your right decision brings you any legal complications face it in the legal way. if she does not leave any note but her family and friends in their statement give your name as the cause  of your girl friend suicide then also you will be in trouble.

Contact inspector of local police station and inform him in writing about your Girl friend suicidal tendencies and you should not be held responsible in case such a thing happens. Convince your gf to visit a psychiatrist for treatment. Inform the same to her parents and also to make her to attend counseling. In the unfortunate event of her committing suicide, you may be prosecuted for abetting her suicide.

You may also try to persuade her to get her checkup from psychiatrist from government hospital and also record her conversation from spy cam whenever she threatens to commit suicide and maintain proper record of her every act.

Merely because a person has been named in a suicide note, courts should not immediately jump to the conclusion that he is an offender. "If a person makes an ordinary joke or a casual remark in routine course of ordinary life, and then if the victim commits suicide, which will not attract abetment charges under Section 306 of the IPC.

Simple abuses are not sufficient to provoke a person to commit suicide. If a debtor commits suicide simply because the lender has demanded repayment of his money, the creditor cannot be said to have abetted the suicide. Mere reprimanding does not amount to instigation. Words stated in a fit of anger will not amount to abetment. Casual remark of husband towards his wife in the ordinary course of life will not amount to abetment to commit suicide.

If you do not want to marry her then you should not have continued this relationship. Before putting a person in such emotional turmoil you should have kept the uncertainly of marriage shared with her.

Break the Relationship soon

  1. You should never have made any promise of marriage.
  2. If you do not want to marry her then you should not have continued this relationship. Before putting a person in such emotional turmoil you should have kept the uncertainly of marriage shared with her.
  3. When girlfriend creates a scene by shouting loud in the locality or when she invites others and cries her sorrow in front of others at the same time threatens to commit suicide, one can file for defamation cases.

Know what is Criminal Intimidation

When one threatens another with an injury to reputation, with the intent to cause alarm to that person and forces him to do what he is legally not bound to do, this is called criminal intimidation.

  1. When a girlfriend or wife threatens to commit suicide, in such cases, a case of Criminal Intimidation can be filed.
  2. In the case of marriages, a false threat to file divorce cases or 498A comes from either the wife or from her family members while wife often threatens her in-laws of committing suicide. This amounts to criminal intimidation.

Section 306 in The Indian Penal Code

Abetment of suicide.—If any person commits suicide, whoever abets the commission of such suicide, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to ten years, and shall also be liable to fine.

Repeated suicide threats ground for divorce

The husband knows that if his wife commits suicide or attempts to commit suicide, then he will be definitely roped in the offences of Section 304B or 498A of the Indian Penal Code and then continues to live in a shadow of unspoken fear. A solitary instance can be considered as an outburst of the anger or frustration. However, if such threats are given intermittently, then the husband definitely suffers a psychological trauma of remaining under constant fear that his wife is likely to commit suicide if things go against her.

If repeated threats are given by the wife and if the preparations for suicide are made, though having no intention to commit, but with an intention to create a pressure or with a view to gain the expected result from the husband, then it amounts to cruelty. Such repeated utterance of committing suicide is a scarecrow to the husband. If such threats of suicide are given by either of the spouses to the other party then it is definitely shocking and it shatters the basic foundation of trust between two human beings.