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Retainer Model for Legal Assistance

Under the retainer model, you as a client can enter into an agreement with an expert lawyer on an ongoing basis, where you pay a fixed rate every month to the lawyer for all your legal requirements.

Services included in the retainer model:

Legal advice

Under the retainer model, the lawyer can provide you with counsel about legal matters that would affect your rights and responsibilities. 

Legal representation

The lawyer can represent you in courts and provide all legal assistance during the proceedings.

Legal drafting

The lawyer can help you with the preparation of any written legal document like contracts, legal letters, petitions, etc.

Legal support and assistance

Under this model, the lawyer can provide any legal support and assistance that you may require during the retainer period.


Why do you need the retainer model?

  • Immediate assistance

    Engaging a lawyer on a retainer basis ensures that you receive top priority legal assistance at all times. This means that anytime you have a legal requirement, you’d have an expert at your side to provide you with instant assistance and guidance.

  • Prior knowledge of legal service rates

    It helps in financial planning as you would know the exact rate charged by the lawyer for all legal services. You can be better equipped to handle legal requirements and responsibilities. 

  • Clarity and efficient workflow

    A retainer model ensures that there is better communication between you and the lawyer. This means that the lawyer would have greater clarity as to your requirements and thus, the work can be efficiently executed.

  • Time-efficient
    The retainer model means a relatively long-term engagement between you and the lawyer. As a result, the lawyer would have a clear understanding of your brand and expectations. 

USPs of Lawfarm Services

  • Fixed Fees
    Fees are fixed for each Service and Plan. Browse through the Plans and choose one that you need.
  • Fixed Steps and Timelines
    Each Plan gives the timeline by which you will get your legal deliverable, and inclusions such as lawyer consultation, number of revisions, etc.
  • Customer Success Manager
    Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will make sure you get your Plan inclusions in time. For any queries you can contact him/her.
  • Top Verified Lawyers
    We work with lawyers with over 10,000 hours of experience in the area of work which you require. Your legal deliverable is in safe hands.

Are you one of these?

  • A young entrepreneur
  • A business owner looking to protect your legal interest
  • A company with multiple legal requirements and compliances

Then you definitely need to engage a legal expert under our retainer model.