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Integrated Law Courses – Get The Best Of Both Worlds


From Mahatma Gandhi to Nelson Mandela to Barack Obama – before becoming figures who shaped the history of the world, they were all practitioners of law. Thus, studying law not only opens prospective career options for you, but it also comes with great social responsibility. Add to that the expertise and the knowledge that is gained from a bachelor’s degree education in a subject and minus at least a year. Confused? This is what an integrated law course is all about!
Integrated law courses are designed for you to attain two traditional degrees at the same time. By taking up an integrated law course, a student can pursue two courses under one program. An LLB is usually pursued after a student completes his or her graduation. Integrated courses cover a bachelor’s degree course along with an LLB program right after completing class 12.

This not only saves time but a BA LLB degree holder or a candidate with a B. Com LLB or BSc LLB or BBA LLB degree is of immense value to employers.

Advantages of Taking up Integrated Law courses

  • Students who are keen on pursuing law right after school can do so without having to complete graduation in another subject.
  • This program allows students to get two separate traditional degrees together.
  • An integrated course saves time. A bachelor’s degree education takes 3 to 4 years to complete and an LLB program takes 3 years. Together they take 6-7 years. But an integrated law course takes only 5 years.

Career Options after an Integrated Program in Law

Integrated law courses are not designed to remain enclosed within classrooms. They involve mock courtroom training, case studies, etc. Thus, candidates from this program are valued both in the government sector and private organizations.

  • You can get yourself enrolled with the Bar Council of India and start working as an advocate.
  • Plenty of government jobs await good candidates of integrated law courses. A dual degree holder has a good chance of bagging a government job in a senior post.
  • Good law firms are always on the lookout for candidates that have dual degrees from integrated law courses.
  • You can join the legal teams of multi-national companies.
  • You can practice independently and open a legal consulting firm.

Further studies

  • You can go for LLM or master’s in law course.
  • You can go for an MBA course or a specialized Master of Business Laws or MBL course.
  • Universities abroad also offer integrated post-graduation programmes in Law.
  • You can go for a PhD program.

The integrated law courses of Invertis University Bareilly are very popular among students who want to make Law their forte. Invertis University offers 3 types of integrated law courses –

  • BA LLB – Divided into 10 semesters and covering almost 50 subjects of importance.
  • BBA LLB – Focusing on concepts of business and law and the areas where they merge.
  • B. Com LLB – Aims at a multi-disciplinary approach towards solving socio-legal problems.

Duration – 5 years
Eligibility – 50% (45% for SC/ST) in marks in 10+2
Selection Criteria – On the basis of CLAT/AILET/SCORECARD/IUCET

A candidate with integrated law program degrees are considered highly specialized in state and central government sector as well as private companies. The course combines the best of both worlds.