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IGRS (Integrated Grievance Redressal Status) PORTAL UP

By Simran Kaur,

IGRS (Integrated Grievance Redressal System) is an online portal that provides services related to land. In other words, It is a state government’s dedicated portal to maintain records while providing many online services to the citizens such as property details, encumbrance details, stamp duty information, etc. 

Each state’s Stamp and Registration Department maintains a specialized portal, IGRS, where individuals can access a variety of property-related online services. The portal allows users to access online certified copies of deeds, stamp duty information, and information on specific properties, among other things. 

According to an analysis by the Central Public Grievance Redress and Monitoring System (CPGRAMS), Uttar Pradesh has become among the top five states in the country for rapid redress of public grievances. By resolving 68.89 percent of concerns in the last ten months under, the state has pushed its way into the top five states. 

Puducherry tops the list with 96.61 percent grievance redressal, followed by Chhattisgarh with 83.91 percent, Delhi with 74.38 percent, and Tamil Nadu with 71.26 percent.

Let’s get to know more about the IGRS portal regarding Uttar Pradesh’s IGRS portal.


IGRS UP is essentially an integrated mechanism for resolving residents' issues in the state of Uttar Pradesh. People can use this service to make complaints, track their IGRS status, and provide comments to the government. Jansunwai UP status can be viewed at using the prescribed steps.

It was launched by the then-Chief Minister in 2016. It is an online system that encourages transparency and ensures that government departments are accountable to the state's citizens.

IGRS UP Complaint and Status Tracking: The public can quickly submit their concerns and issues with any government department through this portal. Jansunwai portal is the name of this integrated system. People can file their complaints at any time and from anywhere. They are not required to go to several government departments and offices to file complaints or register concerns. 

The public and state departmental officers can use IGRS UP since it has a user-friendly interface and use the portal in either English or Hindi, depending on their preference.


Along with the online portal, the UP government gives citizens another venue to register their issues. Citizens can also use the Samadhan smartphone application, UP IGRS, to make grievances.

Both civilians and officers can use the Android application. The goal of the smartphone app is to achieve mobile government in the state. Citizens can use this app to send their complaints and track their progress without having to visit the official website. Similarly, departmental officers can use this mobile application to review complaints that have been emailed to them. 


  • Understand your SRO 
  • Property service registration copies that have been certified 
  • Search for encumbrances 
  • E-stamping 
  • Looking for the market value of a commodity
  • Registration of a society 
  • Sale document, bainama and dastavez in Uttar Pradesh 
  • Registration of marriages 
  • Information on chit money 
  • Vendors of stamps and information about stamp


  • With the assistance of information technology, it facilitated good governance in the state. 
  • It is a simple and user-friendly interface for citizens to register complaints. 
  • It is a transparent common interface for all citizen grievances. 
  • Citizens are given a single username/password to use to register problems with various departments via this single portal.


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