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How to request a Marriage License?

What is a Marriage License?

In simpler terms, a Marriage License is a legal proof of your marriage. It is a legal document which is issued and authorized by a Church or a State Authority, sanctioning a couple of their marriage. A marriage without a Marriage License stands illegal in front of the Court as well as the Society. So for all the legal family matters, a written and authorized proof of your marriage becomes extremely important. Requirements to get a marriage certificate vary from State to state but some general documents that you should be ready with while applying for a marriage certificate are: Birth Certificate, Photo identification, Social Security number, Proof of citizenship, Divorce decree in case you are divorced, death certificate of your spouse if you are a widow and parental consent if you are underage. Depending on your location, a lot of other jurisdictions might also get applied, so ensure to be well aware of the State’s marriage laws in advance to avoid any issues during this new phase of your life.

Why is it required?

If you are wondering that when and at what circumstances, you might need to show your Marriage license stamp on your marriage? Well, following are some situations when you might need one:

1. Changing your name after marriage legally – A certified copy of your marriage license will be required at the Social security office to authorize you to be able to do the same.

2. Gaining Immigration benefits – To avail the immigration benefits of a country, you would need to have a valid Marriage Certificate.

3. Availing Spouse’s Health Insurance benefits – To be able to take advantage of your spouse’s health insurance benefits, you would need to submit a valid proof of your marriage.

4. Applying for a Divorce – For getting a legal divorce, you would need a legal marriage license.

5. Availing Married Couple rights – To be able to use married couple rights and benefits like visitation rights in hospitals, right to make medical decisions on behalf of your spouse, family memberships related benefits, right to plan a funeral for your spouse as well as receive inheritance even in absence of a documented will, you would require a marriage certificate.

6. Filing taxes – For cases, where you would like to file taxes jointly, you would need to submit a proof of your marriage.

How to request a Marriage Certificate?

To request a Marriage Certificate you should download a marriage certificate form, using the Internet and should follow the below stated guidelines:

1. Generate a marriage certificate request form from an authentic online site.

2. Make sure to enter correct and exact names of the married couple .

3. Specify your Date of Marriage and other details like Town or City and Location.

4. Ensure to first make a phone call to the proper department to confirm the department address, correct amount that may be charged and if credit card information would be enough for the payment or a cheque will be required.

5. Always keep note of this transaction for future reference, in case a second notice is required to be sent.

If you are married and have somehow misplaced your Marriage License, it is recommended that you make a request for one as soon as possible and keep it safely because “It is better to be safe than sorry”.

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