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Retainer Model

Retainer model assists you as a client to enter into an agreement with an expert lawyer on an ongoing basis, , where you pay a fixed rate every month.
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Consultancy Agreement

A consultancy agreement governs the relationship between a client and a consultant. It defines the consultant’s scope of work and others.
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Company Incorporation

Incorporation is a process used to form the corporate entity of the company. It becomes a separate entity of its own, recognized by law upon incorporation.
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Mediation is an alternate dispute resolution method where the parties in dispute try to resolve the matter through a mediator.
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MOU- Memorandum of Understanding

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is a document that acts as a guideline governing two or more parties. It records the mutual understanding, goals, and plans of the parties while often leaving the formal contract for a later date.
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Non Disclosure Agreement

A Non-Disclosure Agreement is an agreement between two parties that prohibits the wrongful disclosure of confidential information..
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Power of Attorney – POA

Power of Attorney (POA) is a legal document that gives a person the legal authority to act on behalf of another person. This authority may be limited and specific or general regarding such other person’s medical care, financial, property, or legal matters, etc.
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Recovery of Money

Recovery of money is a legal remedy available to anyone who has a legal right to recover an outstanding debt or receivable from a defaulter.
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Rent Agreement

A rent agreement is an agreement, usually written, to govern the relationship between the owner of a property and the rentee who desires to have temporary possession or enjoyment of such property.
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Term Sheet

Term Sheet is an agreement that lays down the summary of terms and conditions of a proposed investment, deal or transaction. It usually acts as a guideline for the parties as to their roles, responsibilities and rights with regards to the investment.
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Trademark Registration

Trademark (TM) refers to any mark that is capable of being represented graphically like a symbol, word, sign, etc., and that can distinguish one’s goods or services from those of others.
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Legal notice and reply

Legal notice is a formal communication where the sender conveys his intention to take legal action against the receiver.
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Patent grants an inventor the right to exclude any third person from using, selling or importing the patented product or process.
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Joint Venture Agreement

A joint venture agreement is an agreement that governs the relationship between two persons who come to work together with a common goal and forms a partnership for the same.
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Software Development Agreement

Software development agreement comes into play when a software developer agrees to develop a software, application, or website for someone else, as per the requirements of such other person.
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Software License Agreement / End User License Agreement

A software license agreement is a legal contract that is entered into between the owner or creator of a software (licensor) and a purchaser (licensee). It defines how the software may be used by the licensee and what happens in case of a breach.
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Employment Package – Employment agreement and employment policies

The hiring of employees calls for several legal policies and agreements to be entered into between the employee and the employer. Some of these are mandated by law and some are recommended to prevent future complications.
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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions (T&C) policy is an agreement governing the relationship between a website owner and the user.
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Distribution Agreement / Vendor Agreement

A distribution agreement is an agreement that governs the relationship between a business owner or supplier and a distributor. It lays down the stipulation of work to be performed by the distributor for the business owner.
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Online Legal Consultation / Online Legal Advice

A consultancy agreement governs the relationship between a client and a consultant. It defines the consultant’s scope of work and other terms and conditions related to their service.
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Agreement for Sale and Sale Deed

Agreement for sale is a legal document consisting of the terms and conditions for the sale of a property. It is a promise of transfer of ownership on a future date.
The sale deed is entered into at the time of the actual sale of the property. Execution of a sale deed implies the transfer of ownership.
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Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of a website is a legal document laying down how the website owner will collect, process, store, and disclose user information. It also specifies what choices the user has with respect to such information.
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Ankit Jain

Hi I am a retailer on Amazon. We are constantly in need of various agreements like rental agreements for commercial and storage spaces, distribution agreements apart from the usual consultancy and employment agreements. And getting these done was really time consuming and tedious, from finding the right lawyer to draft, review and advise. But now with, this has changed. Their customised packages gives me flexibility to choose and plan my budget. In one place I can get quality drafts prepared and reviewed. Their project management service is really impressive, it avoids the earlier back and forth with the lawyer, and moreover I get my services on time.- Ankit Jain, Proprietor, Jummp e-Com


Lawfarm is an excellent choice for startups or anyone who is looking for a lawyer but is groping in the dark to find the right one. It solves the information asymmetry by suggesting you vetted options based on your problem statement and budget. I could save as much as 60% through their options vs what I could find through my network. They are my go-to for anything legal and they do it at a very low commission.- Abhishek BhattacharyaCTO, MetricWise

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Lawfarm is a platform with the mission to make legal simple. You can ask a query and get it answered by the community, or get a legal service for your business or yourself.
Lawfarm’s legal services have fixed costs, fixed timelines, and dedicated customer success managers to make it a hassle free experience for you.


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A software license agreement is a legal contract that is entered into between the owner or creator of a software and a purchaser (licensee). Since softwares act as services, one cannot ‘sell’ them as such. They will be provided or licensed and the software license agreement makes clear how the said software must be used in such a way that the rights of the owner as well as the purchaser are protected.

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